What Are the Different Aquarium Types: Tank Setups Explained

Published on 13 February 2024 at 21:20

Fresh water aquarium
I am convinced that each of us was stunned or simply fell in love at first sight with beautiful aquariums when we saw them for the first time.

Basically, that's what we're here for, right? Because we fell prey to this aquarium microbe from which we will probably never recover. Many of us, after seeing the first really beautiful aquariums, decided that such a corner of nature should not be missing from our home. Maybe we fell for the nano aquariums full of shrimp, maybe we decided to have a medium planted aquarium with a group of fish, maybe we dreamed of a mega aquatic garden or maybe we really liked the nature style. Or maybe the biotopes that perfectly illustrate areas of nature fell to us, it doesn't really matter what type of aquarium infected us, the important part is that from that moment we were infected by freshwater aquariums.

Fresh water aquarium, planted!
The most common type of aquarium among freshwater aquariums is the planted aquarium. Aquariums planted with fresh water are extraordinarily beautiful, they combine a pleasant and natural design with some superb colors of aquarium plants and with the movement and coloring of aquarium fish. Aquarium plants are so different from each other according to the division of species, they differ in color, shape, dimensions, areas, textures, etc.


Fresh water aquarium, biotope!

The biotope is a type of aquarium that we can like very much, although there are aquarists who are not so attached to this type of aquarium. The biotopes, these freshwater aquariums exactly imitate various aquatic areas on our planet, even if these areas are more beautiful, less beautiful, cleaner or less clean. The purpose of the biotope aquarium is not to be as colorful and populated as possible, but to replicate exactly a certain piece of nature.



Aquascaping – fresh water art
The most attractive way to do freshwater aquariums is aquascaping. This term represents freshwater aquarism taken to the level of art. Aquascapers are aquarists who create masterpieces from a freshwater aquarium.