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Aquatic plant fertilizer is an important prerequisite for beautiful and lush plant growth in your aquascape layout. The fertilizer provides aquatic plants with the nutrients they need for healthy and vigorous growth.
Adding nutrients (plant fertilizers) will not cause algae!
Not adding your plant fertilizer, you are actually starving your plants from the essential components needed for healthy growth. If your plants begin to perform poorly then this leaves the window wide open for algae. So by not adding nutrients will actually make your problems worse!

Fertilizer for the substrate in the aquarium is used to supply aquatic plants with nutrients. Some types of plants, particularly plants with strong roots, such as cryptocorynes or echinodorus depend on a good supply of nutrients in the root area.

Better safe than sorry!
Good water quality is very important for residents such as shrimp and fish. But also the developing microbiology and the useful bacteria need water conditions that are as natural as possible without chlorine, lead or copper from the tap.



Algae in the aquarium might be the greatest nuisance for every tank keeper, be it in a classic social tank, an aquascape, a biotope aquarium or in breeding tanks for fish or shrimp. When confronted with an algal infestation, many aquarium keepers simply give up their beautiful hobby. However, there are good ways to get a grip on these pests, to fight them off or to prevent them from spreading.

For clean, clear water!
Good water quality is of great importance for every aquarium… whether it’s aquascaping, a planted aquarium, fish or shrimp tank. Aquarium filters effectively break down pollutants produced by bacteria and convert them into important nutrients for plants.

Besides the little helpers, from time to time you'll need to replace things or at least parts that are subject to wear and tear by daily use. Besides replacement blades for glass cleaners or other spare parts you'll also find suckers for filter intakes and outlets and other useful small parts.

Scissors • Trim, snip, cut!

Scissors are simply indispensable for the care of aquatic plants in the aquarium, especially when aquascaping. What is crucial here is good cutting ability, good handling and the right size to get a good-looking result.






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I have been using this many of this products for sometime now and can see the positive results that they make to my plants in my aquarrium. I would suggest to other fish keepers to look at this companys product range, the prices are competitive and of good quality. I find them more effective than other well know brands that I have used in the past.

—Denis A.

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