Legend Bubble Counter Liquid

A special, non-evaporating liquid with a thick consistency, designed to be used as a liquid filling the CO2 bubble counter.

The properties of the liquid allow easy counting of gas bubbles without the need for frequent refilling.


Size: 120 mL


Legend Bubble Counter Liquid it's a high viscosity, non-toxic a perfect alternative to water.


Do not dilute. Slowly fill the bubble counter with a syringe to about three-quarters. Wipe the occasional drops off the exterior.


Refilling water that evaporated or just gets pushed out of the CO2 bubble counters can be an inconvenience. Legend Bubble Counter Liquid high viscosity, non-toxic fluid is a perfect alternative to water.


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Easy to use

High viscosity

Non-toxic liquid

Is a perfect alternative to water

It is also harmless to fish and shrimp