Legend BioPlant Primary Sticks


Legend BioPlant Primary Sticks provides nutrient-rich ground resulting in magnificent strong aquarium plants.

-Transforms gravel into fertile ground

-Long-lasting nutrient base for lush aquarium plants

-Ideal for setting up an aquarium -Promotes rapid plant growth

-Contains valuable natural and mineral components such as humic substances clay minerals and iron

-Provides plants with essential nutrients for at least 1 year- Without phosphate and nitrate -For all freshwater aquariums -200 g for 200 litres of aquarium water


Supplies aquatic plants with essential nutrients for up to 1 year

Contains valuable natural and mineral components such as humic substances, clay minerals and iron, which support root formation

Ideal for setting up an aquarium

Promotes rapid plant growth

No negative influence on water values


Soil improver using clay, organic soil material, clay minerals and botanicals: For long-term activation of soil. 0.58% total-nitrogen(N);

0.09%total-phosphate (P2O5); 0.39% total-potassium oxide (K2O); Contains 36% organic matter.

Component materials: clay (clay granules); Organic soil material (raised bog peat – degree of decomposition H5-H8); clay minerals(Bentonite); botanicals (algae). Minor components: 1.13% total magnesia (MgO); 0.91% total sulfur (S)


1g Legend BioPlant Primary Sticks per 1 litre of aquarium water ( 1 tablespoon = approx. 25g for 25L)


Mix an appropriate amount of Legend BioPlant Primary Sticks with 2/3 Substrate and cover with the remaining substrate afterwards. For subsequent dosage, a few sticks simply need to be pressed into the gravel.

For intensive fertilisation, we recommend also using Legend Essential (NPK) and Legend Heaven (Microelements) .


Storage: at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Use: Only for fertilizing ornamental plants in an aquarium.

See package insert for detailed dosage recommendations. Note: official guidance recommendations take precedence.

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Contains essential nutrients

Promotes quick growth

Does not pollute water