Legend Ancestral Tau






Improve dramatically and Stimulate the Growth

of Both Roots and Shoots in Aquatic Plants

Intensify Mineral Absorption and improve

Disease Resistance


Legend Ancestral Tau™ is an all-natural, biological growth enhancer for aquatic plants. Its advanced formula contains phytohormones, minerals, and nutrients that dramatically stimulate the growth of both roots and shoots in aquatic plants. Phytohormones are a group of naturally occurring compounds that play crucial roles in regulating plant growth in a wide range of developmental processes, including cell division, formation and activity of shoot meristems, induction of photosynthesis gene expression, leaf senescence, nutrient mobilization, seed germination, root growth and stress response. Used regularly, it also enhances mineral absorption and improves disease resistance. It is non-toxic and completely safe for all plant varieties as well as for fish and aquatic organisms.

Legend Ancestral Tau™ is a comprehensive carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid, and polyunsaturated fatty acid supplement that addresses the micro and trace nutritional requirements of plants.

Legend Ancestral Tau™ contains ascorbic acid in a base of chlorella that contains a rich assortment of amino acids and vitamins.

During the first 10 to 14 days after application, Legend Ancestral Tau™ works to stimulate root growth beneath the surface. After this initial induction period, significantly enhanced growth in the leaves and stems of the plants will occur.


Size: 100 mL


Available Phosphate (P2O5)        

Soluble Potash (K2O)    

Magnesium (Mg)            





Shake well before using.

Use 5 mL for every 100 L of water three times per week, or as required to maintain plant growth.

This dosage suggestion is just a guideline. The dosage may have to be raised or lowered depending on the conditions in your tank in order to give you good results.


  • For best results, use it together with Legend Essential and Legend Heaven or any Legend AIO formula
  • Avoid contact with the solution and rinse with plenty of water if this happens
  • Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Store at room temperature. Protect from light, heat and frost
  • For aquarium use only


Legend Ancestral Tau MSDS 20230622.pdf


Shrimp Friendly

Storage: at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Use: For fertilization of ornamental plants in an aquarium only.
See the pack for detailed dosage recommendations. Note: Official guidance recommendations take precedence.

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