Legend Aelin™ is a rapid curing Gel Super Glue specially formulated to give good adhesion to fern plants and mosses. Excellent adhesion to wood, stones and plastic.

Legend Aelin™ Gel Super Glue is useful for attaching mosses and plants to any hardscape material. Just put a small amount of glue on the surface and push the plant to it for a few seconds. The glue is safe to use even underwater both in freshwater and marine aquariums.

As the polymerization of cyanoacrylates is initiated by moisture from the atmosphere best results will be obtained if the relative humidity is in excess of 50%. Higher levels of humidity reduce the opportunity for monomer evaporation thus limiting fume build-up. If bonding is a continuous process good ventilation must be ensured.


Size: 20mL




Dispense a small amount of glue prior to each use. Apply a small amount of glue to moss or plant roots and press against the desired surface for 20 seconds. For bunch plants, apply glue and plant as usual. Wipe tip free of glue before replacing the cap.

Bonding Times:

Ambient conditions – room temperature +20°C/ 60% RH:

1-5 Seconds reposition time


For gluing tiny parts when full control of dosage is needed we recommend using our Liquid Control bottle which allows pinpoint application. If everything would be that easy!

  1. If you get Legend Aelin™ on your fingers, don’t worry. It’s easy to get off if you follow these instructions.
  2. You can choose two methods. Either put your fingers in a warm dish of water or rub cooking oil into the bonded skin.
  3. Then, gently massage bonded fingers back and forth to slowly peel bond apart. Don’t pull or yank fingers apart.


Legend Aelin MSDS 20230622.pdf


Shelf Life:

6 months from the date of manufacture when stored in unopened bottles.


Store in a closed upright container between +5 and +25o C in dry dark conditions. Uncapped containers will absorb moisture from the air and will deteriorate in performance rapidly. At low temperatures the shelf life will be prolonged. Disposal of Containers Do not leave empty containers where residue could be harmful to children, animals or the environment. Replace lids and remove any containers to a central disposal point in accordance with local regulations.

Health & Safety Cyanoacrylate. Danger. Bonds skin and eyes in seconds. Please refer to the separate material safety data sheet for full handling, use and storage instructions.

Keep out of reach of children. It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt contact our Technical Department for advice.

Note: This information is for general guidance only, since site conditions and labour are beyond our control. It is recommended that users make their own tests to determine suitability.



Signal word: Warning

Precautionary statements:

  • P101 – If medical advice is needed, have a product container or label at hand.
  • P102 – Keep out of reach of children.
  • P260 – Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
  • P262 – Do not get in the eyes, on the skin, or on clothing.
  • P305+P351+P338 – IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
  • P301+P310 – If swallowed: Contact the nearest poison control centre or doctor immediately.
  • P501 – Dispose of contents/container according to local/national regulations.
  • Hazard statements:
  • H315 – Causes skin irritation
  • H319 – Causes serious eye irritation
  • H335 – May cause respiratory irritation
  • EUH 202 – Cyanoacrylate. Danger. Bonds skin and eyes in seconds. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Fast acting

1-5 Seconds reposition time

Easy to use

High Strength

Ideal for all ferns plants, mosses and bucephalandra