Legend Scissor Liftime Warranty

Published on 4 April 2024 at 15:10

Warranty & Guarantee

Your Legend Scissor's are covered with Lifetime Warranty.

Legend Scissors are meticulously made to the highest standard of craftsmanship, engineering and design, ensuring each scissor is a masterpiece that provides unequalled cutting performance and durability.

By virtue of our scrupulous attention to detail we have total and unrivalled confidence in the quality of each and every scissor which is why we provide each piece with lifetime warranty unlike other brands that generally only offer one or two years.

What does it cover?

Lifetime Warranty covers your Legend Scissors against any manufacturer defects, provides your Legend’s with free parts replacement for bumpers, finger inserts and tension systems which are elements that can endure a lot of wear and we also provide free inspections incase you are experiencing any issues.

Is damage covered?

Lifetime Warranty doesn’t cover damage that is caused by the user. It does provide free inspections of any damage caused to assess any issues, free attempts at repairing the damage without carrying out sharpening plus advice to the customer on how we recommend repairing said damage.

What voids Lifetime Warranty?

Sharpening by a a non-certified sharpener.

If your Legend Scissors have been sharpened by a non certified Legend Scissors sharpener then the warranty is voided, however, we will still provide free parts replacements to all Legend Scissors even if they have been damaged by a non-certified sharpener.


The reason being that our sharpeners are specialists at what they do with decades of experience in sharpening Japanese blades with state of the art machinery.

Although there are good sharpeners the majority are not trained in these specialist methods and in most cases either cause irreparable damage to the scissors or remove years from their overall lifetime due to their lack of expertise and substandard machinery.

Please note: if your Legend’s require sharpening please visit www.legendmydna.com to book them in for a servicing or if they have been poorly sharpened and damaged then contact us.

Do you need parts replacement?

If you require a new part sending or fitting, simply click the button below, fill out the form and one of our team will be in touch to send the replacement part or to organise for your scissors to be sent to us.

*Shipping charges for parts replacement is to be paid by the customer.

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