Golden Pearls Bag


Golden Pearls Bag™: this fine mesh filter bag has 180-micron mesh, fit for most kinds of filter media, like Golden Pearls™, Pelletized Carbon, Bio Balls, Ceramic Rings, and Ammonia Remover.

High-Quality Material: Golden Pearls Bag™ made of high-quality nylon, durable and corrosion resistant, not subject to degradation from exposure to bleach, caustics, acids, or other harsh environmental exposure likely to take place during regeneration of filter media.

Drawstring Style: unlike the zipper bag, Golden Pearls Bag™ is drawstring style, does not contain metal which may easily get rust and pollute your water, is safe for media filters, reusable and durable.


Sizes: 20x30cm (7''x11'')




Simply place the desired filtration material e.g. Legend Ar'Mator and close the Golden Pearls Bag™ using the resealable drawstring closure. For best results, Golden Pearls Bag™ should be placed to maximize the flow of water through it.


With the mesh bag, you can use filter media quickly and easily.

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Filter bag ideal for all filtration

Resealable locking closure

180 micron mesh

Resistant to bleach, caustics, and acids